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  • Who Am I and What do I create?
  • My name is Sorulay, I'm in my twenties. I study languages at University and I make ASMR Roleplays on my Youtube Channel, in which you can find people like:

    Girlfriend, BestFriend, Vampires, Nekos, Succubus, Stories, etc.

    I love playing video games, watching tv series and reading books and comics!

    In my channel, I do my best to relax whoever it needs, give some company, or just live an adventure,

    for every taste and mind!


    Q: Is Tipeee Different from Patreon?

    A: Well, Yes but no! It's just like Patreon but European, so it works in Euro!

    Q: I don't use Euro, do will Tipeee accept my money?

    A: Yup! The prices will be converted into your money value!

    Q: Which payment methods does Tipeee support?
    A: Currently they accept Paypal (which requires a Debit Card or Credit Card connected to it) and Credit Card.

    Q: How much longer are your audios?
    A: At first I made 10 minutes long audios, now they are 20 minutes long!

    (saved exceptions for the TWO 10 MINUTES EXCLUSIVE LSFW AUDIOS I add monthly just HERE on Tipeee without any preview on youtube, one of them is for PATRON OWL as well!)

    Q: What is the difference between 'Unique tip' and 'Monthly tip'?

    A: When you choose to support me, there will be a selection: selecting 'unique tip' you will donate for just ONE MONTH (it's a single donation), at the end of it you cannot see Tipeee contents anymore, on the other end selecting 'monthly tip' you will gain access to my Tipeee for MANY MONTHS, unless you decide to remove yourself from donating any more!

    Q: How do I get your amazing audios or wallpapers?


    1) Subscribe/Sign in to Tipeee creating a profile account

    2) Tip Me selecting Monthly tip or Unique Tip, choosing the Reward you prefer

    (I suggest you the first one since I change Download links every week)

    3) Go to the news of my Tipeee page

    4) Search the first post you see with the title 'spicy roleplay' (if you have selected Owl Club Reward) or 'cute roleplay' (if you have selected Patron Owl Reward) or 'Monthly Wallpaper' (if you have selected Ally Owl Reward) or 'Podcast'  (if you have selected Friendly Owl Reward)

    5) Gain access to your special Rewards!

  • ASMR Roleplay: Vampire's Captive [Kidnapped] [Mouth Sounds] [italian accent]
  • Why Am I here on Tipeee?
  • Thanks to Tipeee, I'll be able to improve the quality of my videos, purchase better equipment, pay artists for their drawings, music, scripts, etc.

    Youtube doesn't respect its creators. My videos are constantly attacked with demonetization, because of this absurd algorithm that dictates overall youtube, indeed. 

    These wonderful scripts are made thanks to the help of my collaborator, who can't do them weekly for free.

    And what about these amazing artworks? All the artists deserve to be paid for their commissions because they spend efforts and time for them.

    And what about me? Every artist needs some stimulation to keep with their piece of arts, don't you agree? As I said before, I am a university student, I do not work, and youtube does not wanna pay my work enough to let me keep going with my videos...

    So, this place is for whoever wants to support my channel, because thanks to them I can afford all of this!

    Of course, this is not only just for me, but it's for you too, in fact, there are monthly prizes for who wanna support me every month!

  • All The Rewards and Pizes for you!

  • SorulayAudio/
  • 1€:Tip. For people who just want to demonstrate their support and trust in me! 

    3€: Friendly Owl. You will have access to my new Unintelligible Asmr audios, moreover, you will be able to follow exclusive Live Streams here, on Tipeee, my Podcasts and your name will appear in the description of my future videos, too!

    On my Discord you will be a *Page*

    5€: Patron Owl. You will be able to access all of the above, besides some HQ ASMR roleplay (Vampires, Succubi, Werewolves, etc...) not accessible on my Youtube channel. Plus, you will gain access once per month to a new 10 Minutes LSFW audio. On my Discord, you will be a *Chevalier*.

    10€: Owl Club.  All the previous content, besides access to lewd ASMR LSFW (ear licking, moaning) audios HQ, plus access to a Telegram group chat. On my Discord, you will be a *Knight*.

    20€: Ally Owl. All the previous content, besides access to exclusive HQ artworks of my characters for PC desktop and mobile phone; your name will also appear in the credits at the end of all my future videos. On my Discord, you will be a *Lieutenant*.

    50€: VIP Owl. At this level, you will receive a FREE HQ custom ASMR audio roleplay (no NSFW) each month plus all the previous content, plus access to an exclusive Telegram group chat.

    100€: Royal Owl. For your extraordinary support and love, you will be able to choose between 2 FREE HQ custom ASMR audio roleplay and a single longer (20-30 minutes) audio, in addition to ALL of the previous benefits!