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  • Hey guuuys! I need a new script writer! If you are interested in helping this channel, and do you like writing, Please join to my discord server and contact me by direct message! Link:
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My channel has been demonetized

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  • Youtube has demonetized my channel.
    For sexual contents.
    Now, I don't even make nsfw audios here on tipeee 
    (they are all lsfw, nothing sexually explicit)
    But I think the problem could it be from the preview videos.
    They don't even EXPLAIN which videos caused this decision, 
    neither HOW I showed this kind of content over my 300 videos.
    I hope I can find a solution, for this month I cannot take incomes from youtube.
    You are my only support, financially.
    Thanks you very much for supporting me each month,
    Please, keep supporting my videos,
    Thanks, Sorulay