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  • Qui je suis et quel type de contenu je produis ?
  • Hi everyone, I am Lea, 29 years old. I grew up between two countries (France and Italy), and always dreamed to travel all around the world. Now, I am working hard to make this dream come true. For exemple, in the last few years, I have been lucky enough to live overseas and discover different countries all over the world. I haven’t been everywhere though, not yet. My website is an open book of my different experiences that I had or that people shared with me around the globe. I also share my pictures on my Instagram account.

    As I often help my friends and family in their projects, I've decided to share all of this with everyone so, maybe, I could help you too to realise your projects and especially to help you make your dreams come true. 

  • Pourquoi suis-je sur Tipeee ?
  • I share all my tips and pictures on the web to help people to discover new places. But I do it for free and it takes a lot of time and money to do so. One of my friend told me about this funding platform and I loved the idea so I thought, why not? 

    If you would like me to keep it up, please help me by giving me a tip. ;)

  • Quelles sont les contreparties pour les tipeurs ?
  • To thanks you for helping me creating more content, I offer you (depending on the amount of the tip) : a personalised post card (I will just need your address ;) ), your favourite picture printed, your name on my Thank-You Page, a personalised itinerary for a week-end away...