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April 2017 update

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  • In 2017 I want to make the project easier to use for everybody interested in it. To achieve this, I have been working on two fronts: documentation and code examples.

    For quite some time, I have been working on the user manual: http://haskus.org/system/manual/
    It explains how to build and execute a system, how to use the system interfaces, etc. It is still a work in progress so you can expect more chapters in a near future.

    In addition I have created a repository containing some examples: https://github.com/haskus/haskus-system-examples/
    Examples will be added and modified to follow changes in the user manual and in the haskus-system framework. Note that the build.sh script can be used to automatically download, configure and compile the Linux kernel, the Syslinux boot system, compile examples, etc. as described in the user manual.

    Don't hesitate to provide feedback!

    Happy hacking,