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Volod Hendrix

  • Virgo Trailer
  • Discover the official TRAILER of VIRGO!
    More than 5000 KM and 70 locations across Romania in 2 months. A really incredible Road Trip, lead us today to the Post-Production process of VIRGO - a documentary about Biodiversity and the endangered Virgin Forests of Romania ! 
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    If you want to READ MORE about the project check our WEBSITE : volodhendrix.com/virgo/

    ORIGINAL SCORE by Brian Petermann / TrickSodus Da Muv


  • Virgo - Pitch
  • VIRGO - The Biodiversity and the endangered virgin forests of Romania

  • Romania has the most unique biodiversity and virgin ecosystem in Europe but its forests are threatened by illegal deforestation.

    About this projectVirgo is a conservation documentary with a whimsical touch that aims to raise awareness on the importance of the Romania unique biodiversity and its virgin forests, also known as the lungs of Europe.

    • An old-growth forest — also termed primary forest, virgin forest, primeval forest or even ancient woodland — is a forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance and thereby exhibits unique ecological features and might be classified as a climax community.

  • Volod Hendrix
  • What is the film about? 

    Romania has the most unique biodiversity and virgin ecosystem in Europe. However, its forests are threatened by illegal deforestation and a lack of conservation awareness. It’s time to change things. Come with us in a journey through the endangered virgin forest. Discover its wonders, dangers and its connection with you –and the whole planet.

    What's special about it?

    The film is an inspiring environmental conservation story from a whimsical point of view. It shows the opposing views of both trees and humans, taking you into the world of nature as never before. 

    By taking our viewers to unique corners of the world, we want to rescue an ancient human-nature relationship. A connection that, today, seems to be lost.

    How are we making this film?

    We are going on a road trip across Romania to explore and document about 4,000 km in 70 different locations. We are in search of the untouched biodiversity of Romanian forests, as well as the deforested areas and the endangered corners. We want to show the wildlife of the forest, its connection to the country’s culture, its influence and importance for the entire planet. In order to enable you to experience this journey just as if you were there, we are using drones as birds’ point of views, tilt shots from the ground, close ups of nature and slider shots to drag you right into the story.

  • Why are we making VIRGO?

    Our aim is to inspire change.

    To encourage conservation and good actions for all forms of life.

    To collaborate with passionate people, with hard-working leaders that want to make of this world a better place.

    We want to take advantage of the power of storytelling and filmmaking, to show the wonders of the Romanian virgin forests, but also to raise awareness about the importance of their conservation.

    We are concerned about the planet’s future and want to do something about it. And we want to do it with powerful stories!

  • Volod Hendrix
  • Producing this short will not be the end of the road. It will be the beginning of a campaign, to raise awareness for conservation of nature and biodiversity in Europe, through screenings, social media, panel discussions, fundraisers and much more.

    We will document and share pictures, videos and vlogs in order to take you with us in every step of the journey, giving you a regular behind-the-scenes experience of the trip and the filming. 

    Check out our social media networks so you don't miss anything! 


    The Route

    We are covering the major points of Carpathian Chain and the most beautiful places of the country, including the East side to the Danube Delta. More or less, 4.000 km.

  • Volod Hendrix
  • We can assure you these spots are full of stunning landscapes and cultural treasures! 


    What do we need to make the film? 

    This is where your money would go : 

    Transportation : to film and document up to 70 places in the Romanian forests. 

    Equipment : to show you with the best quality the unique wildlife of the virgin forests and the horrors that deforestation is causing. 

    Team work : to write the script, produce the film, pilot the drones, shoot the scenes, edit the documentary ... Well to make the film!

    Spread the word : Once the film is finished, we want to take our message everywhere! This means raising awareness in festivals, allowing conservation to Romanian forests enough visibility to be taken seriously. 

    All money raised from Kickstarter will be going directly to the film itself!


    Meet the Team 

    At the inception of all this, there is Vlad and Lise. Two artistic souls who met in Norway and created in 2016 an international media production team called Volod Hendrix. 

    From January 2017, they realised the importance of the virgin forests of Romania and its conservation, so they started Virgo -a project which must be understood at an European scale. 

    Later on, Khristina Santos, an environmental journalist that had previously worked with them as a producer in Norway, joined the team. 

  • Volod Hendrix

    Vlad started his directing career whilst in Norway, Directing different media projects and gaining experience shooting and directing outdoors in nature. As one of the co-founders of the Volod Hendrix media production team, he is currently working on both personal and commercial projects for local and ambitious entrepreneurs. In VIRGO, He is overseeing the entire project, making sure the essence of the lm stays strong and clear.


    Lise started working with images through photography. Her filmmaking studies in Norway introduced her to video art as another way of making images –and ever since she hasn’t stopped creating. With her experience shooting and co-directing in the Volod Hendrix media team, she brings creativity and visual integrity to all her projects.


    Khristina is an environmental writer and a digital communicator. She started producing and managing projects whilst she was in Norway. Always with a camera in hand, she firmly believes storytelling and conservation are stronger together. Having worked with Vlad and Lise before, Khristina brings organisation and meticulous planning to the project.

    Would you like to join our team? Are you a passionate creator ready to raise awareness on conservation? 

    Contact us!



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    We have prepared some exciting rewards to thank you for your help! Whether it's 1 or 5 euros, every little bit will bring us closer to make this film a reality!

    Share the campaign with your friends, if you liked it! And make sure to tag @volodhendrix or use the hashtag #virgoproject so you can give us some social media love! 

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  • • The final merchandising and disk designs will be improved when handed as a reward -the above picture is just so you have an idea! 


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