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WAVE TravelArt

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WAVE TravelArt
  • Who am I and what kind of content do I create?
  • My name is Antoine Burgos, 30 years old, musician, community manager, front-end developer, orderly and also founder of the Non-Profit Association WAVE TravelArt, which purpose is to connect passionate travellers and hosts all around the world.

    Here is the deal: The Waver travelling will be hosted and in exchange, the Host will receive an hour’s lesson of the Waver’s passion for every day of stay. This could also be a lesson for the Host’s child or relative.

    At WAVE, we believe in the strength of mutual help and cultural exchanges through the passions we share in order to build a united world !

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  • Where do your Tips go?
  • According to our ethics, we decided the WAVE Social Platform to be 100% free, with no ads, respecting the Users' personal data privacy. But as you know, building up a social Networking Website and founding, animating a whole global community is not so cheap !

    We've reduced the costs at the minimum but we now need your help to maintain and improve the website, helping the people getting to know WAVE globally, blogging, translating, moderating and generating good quality content !

    Your tips will first cover the costs of the website creation, then we can remunerate our dear volunteers for the expenses and efforts that they keep providing us daily !

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  • What are the rewards for tippers?
  • By Tipping WAVE,  you won't only help the Evolution of CouchSurfing to rise up, it's a humanistic goal that you're pushing us up to go for: unite the world through the mutual passions !

    As rewards, you'll get Special Badges on your Member Account and you'll find your name on our Hall of Fame.
    A bunch of WAVE's Artefact are also waiting for you, on your right !
    Finally, you'll also be asked to test our new features and some more rewards are going to enrich our current list ;)
    Thank you for your support !

    -The WAVE Team-